Digital Humaniteas
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A home for digital humanists

Do you use digital tools to think about the humanities? Do you use the the humanities to think about tech?

Being a digital humanist is hard

You're expected to be a computer scientist and an expert in your field. But where do you find bridges between the two? Tutorials are either irrelevent, too basic, or too complex. You know you need to ask for help, but you're the only digital humanist in the building. You need a map; you need colleagues, you need advice.

Why join Digital Humaniteas? This community is great for you if:

  • You want a friendly, global community as passionate about digital tools as analogue thoughts.
  • You want support, guidance, and help to grow.
  • You're looking to get started using digital tools, or level up in your research career, but need a bit of help getting there.

Find collaborators, colleagues, and new friends no matter where you are in the world.

What to expect

Digital Humaniteas is primarily a Discord community. Think of discord as an online always-on forum, and us as a well-moderated conference you can attend in your slippers. The discord and community will always be free. Exciting new tools are coming soon: join now to help us build new features.

Find your people
Meet new colleagues (and their pets) from around the world and across disciplines.
Expand your methods
Learn new methods and approaches and when and how to use them. We're passionate about using tech for good.
Resource library
Curated and annotated reading lists to help you get up to speed on a variety of topics from "what's a server?" to "which algorithm?"
Technical help
Ask for help and code review anytime, get unstuck quickly with support from friendly expert programmers who understand your research problems.
News from the community
Get notified of new calls for papers and funding opportunities, interesting new things to read and cool new methods to try out.
Facilitated coworking
Get work done together, even when you're alone in your department. Get shared accountability to get that paper done to your deadline.

Ready to meet your community?

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